You WANT to be a part of Team Lily Bow!

Team Meeting
Thursday, September 11 @ 6pm
Higgs Beach Playground

Team Lily Box

Team Lily Bow

Swim, Bike, Run even if you never did before
if you do it all the time!
Being a member of Team Lily Bow is about encouragement, support, personal growth. It’s crossing off your bucket list all those crazy races your friends have been doing but you had no idea how to join, let alone train for.

Team Lily Bow is an easy, gentle way to prove just how tough you are!

Join us Thursday, September 11, 6pm at Higgs Beach for our first team meeting of the season. Learn about the different training levels (yes, there is one for busy moms with full-time jobs and overtime kids!) and how all the pieces fit together to improve you, the Team, and the community.

Team Lily Bow is a proud sponsor of Womankind this year. Our blood, sweat, and tears becomes healthcare for 50 local women.

Come hear how!

Disco Party at the Bottle Cap!

Disco Party at the Bottle Cap
June 6, 2014
5:00 pm

On Friday, June 6th from 5 to 8 PM at BottleCap Groove Lounge enjoy a Disco Dance Party where bartender tips benefit Womankind of Key West. Stop by to show your support at their annual dance party while celebrity bartenders include Liz Love, Dr. David Forest, Margit Biztray, Kim Romano,Patrick Sauter, Joan Higgs, Elena Devers, Jennifer Whaley, and more.

Disco Party at the Bottle Cap 6/6/14
Disco Party at the Bottle Cap 6/6/14