Team Lily Bow

Team Lily bow is a group of every day local women (business owners, single young students, soccer moms, big/tall/short/curvy and everything in between) doing extraordinary things to better ourselves and our community.

With the same grit and moxie as our inspiration Lily Bow-one of the first pioneers of the Keys-we seek to inspire and ignite the strength of local women to compete together in the renowned Key West Triathlon, TRIKW, this December.

While training together, Team Lily Bow will also raise money for Womankind, a local nonprofit providing health care on a sliding scale.

Drawing from the legacy of Lily Bow, our team wants to grow stronger together, forging meaningful friendships while strengthening our bodies and giving back to other women of our local community. We strive to give each member of our team all of the tools and support needed to succeed in our athletic goal.


Team Lily Bow information sheet

Other ways to support Team Lily Bow!

 Silent Auction        Sponsorship
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Silent Auction Donation Form

Silent Auction Donation Form

Team Lily Bow Sponsorship Opportunities

Team Lily Bow Sponsorship Opportunities







Visit the Team Lily Bow website for updates!


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